The Heart Of The Father



John the Baptist was impressive! He understood his mission to announce the Savior’s coming and he was willing to do anything to accomplish his mission. He was even ready to die.

God the Father has prepared a mission for each of us. For some, this mission will be to be a good doctor, for others it will be to be a good worker in a factory or a good pastor, a musician, an artist… You’re going to find out this mission as you grow up. But for now, God has a mission for you. It is the same as John the Baptist, that of announcing Jesus to the people around you. How? By your words and by your actions. Just as Jesus showed us what the Father was like through his actions, you too can show the Father’s heart to people through your actions. By loving them, forgiving them, being kind and full of compassion, with words of love and tenderness… It is an important mission that the Father entrusts to us, that of making Him known to people through us.

Are you ready to fulfill this mission? To make known the love of the Father to the people around you? By your words and your actions? Do the people around you need you?




“Father, help me in everyday life to show who you are to the people around me through my words and actions, Amen.”




Discuss with the children what they can do to demonstrate the Father’s love in action to people. It is up to you to find situations and ask them how they should act according to the heart of the Father.

Ex: At daycare, a friend steals your toy. How should you behave?