I love the way God created me



  • Image of a sun
  • Bible



  • Ask a child to take the image of the sun and show it to the other children.
  • Say: “My eyes see (the sun). What do your eyes see? God did (the sun). I like to see (the sun).”
  • Repeat for the other two forms.
  • Say the nursery rhyme to mimic again.
  • After saying the last line, say: I love my eyes that see the sun, the moon and the stars. Thank you, my God for my eyes that see.”



  • I love the way God created me

(Point the sky and nod with a smile.)

  • From the head, to the feet

(Touch your head, then your feet.)

  • What do I like? Well, let’s see…

(Extend your hands as a question mark, then pat your cheek as a sign of reflection.)

  • I’ll tell you 1, 2, 3.

(Count with your fingers.)

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