The Inside Of The Fish



  • Pail
  • Blue paper
  • Garbage bag
  • Fish image
  • Yellow jelly (Jello)
  • Various objects: bouncy ball, giant paper clips, plastic toys, etc.
  • Image of a person



  1. Put the garbage bag in the pail and wrap the pail in blue paper.
  2. Glue the fish image, mouth up, on the front of the pail.
  3. Make yellow jelly (Jello) in the pail.
  4. Then add the various objects with the image of a person representing Jonah in the yellow jelly that is in the pail. Let the jelly set in the refrigerator.
  5. Ask the children to take turns to go through the contents of the pail to find Jonah.
  6. Make the connection with the story you will tell. In the Bible, Jonah was in a fish.


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