Help Jonathan Find David



  • Quinoa seeds
  • Magnetic objects (trombones, small refrigerator magnets, clothespins, etc.)
  • Non-magnetic objects (gums, elastics, dice, figurines, etc.)
  • Plastic bin
  • Magnetic wand


  1. Before class, fill the plastic tray with quinoa grains. Place all the objects in it. You can hide some objects in quinoa and let others overtake.
  2. After telling the story of the day, give the magnetic wand to a first child and tell him or her to use it to find a magnetic object.
  3. Let each child, in turn, look for a magnetic object.
  4. Make the connection with the story, the magnetic object representing Jonathan’s friend: David.



  • You can use rice, pasta, sand or salt.
  • To help children, you can put more magnetic objects in the bin.

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