The Heart Of The Father



Jonathan was a very good friend, the best. He was David’s friend. In good and bad times, he was there for David.

It’s not always easy to find good friends who will be faithful and who will remain your friends at all times. Unfortunately, sometimes our friends hurt us, they leave us for other friends and they speak badly of us and when it happens, oh! That hurts us! In moments like this, we need the love of our Heavenly Father to comfort us and to give us his help to forgive. And the Father loves us so much that he doesn’t leave us alone. The Bible tells us that Jesus is our friend, and not just any friend, he is the most faithful of friends you have ever had. Besides, Jesus understands what you’re going through. Do not forget that he walked on the earth, that he too had friends, that his friend Judas rejected him. Tell him about your friendships, open your heart and let him help you. And if you are hurt by the behavior of some friends, let the love of the Father come to heal your heart and take away your sorrow. He also knows how pleasant and enjoyable friends can be; having friends is important and Jesus had plenty of them. Tell him also the pleasant things that happen with your friends. Share your joy with him.


Discussion time


What do you think a good friend is?

Share about friendship with children.




This morning, we’re going to make a card for someone we love, a friend, and we’re going to give it to him or her. In this card, you have to draw a nice picture.