Find The Friend




  • Paper bags
  • Images of faces
  • 2 images of David’s face



  1. Before class, place all the different faces except David’s in individual bags. The idea is that they can’t know which face is in which bag.
  2. Place the bags on a table in front of the children.
  3. Tell the children that Jonathan was David’s friend and that they lost sight of each other.
  4. Explain that in each of the bags, there is a different face, but they have to find David’s face. You can show them the other image of David’s face so they know who they are looking for.
  5. Start by asking a child what bag he thinks David is in. Show the face in the bag.
  6. If it’s David, rejoice that they’ve found Jonathan’s friend. If it’s another face, let another child guess for another bag.
  7. Continue until David’s face is found.
  8. Make the connection with the story of the Bible. David was Jonathan’s friend.