A Messenger Is Ready (2)




  • 3 cards in the shape of a fir tree
  • Character of John (attachment)
  • Character of Mary and Joseph with a manger (attachment)
  • Baby Jesus character in the manger (attachment)


  1. Prepare fir-shaped cards and cut 3 firs on green construction paper 5 cm wide at the bottom by 7 cm high.
  2. Print the images of John, Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus in the manger.
  3. Glue John on map 1.
  4. Glue Mary and Joseph on map 2.
  5. Glue baby Jesus on map 3.
  6. Say the sentences below as you show the images.


Nursery Rhyme

  • A messenger is ready to announce the Good News

(Show John’s map 1.)

  • A family is ready to welcome him

(Show map 2 of Mary and Joseph.)

  • A manger full of straw is ready

(Show the manger on map 2.)

  • A special place is ready for baby Jesus

(Show map 3 of Jesus.)

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