Father’s Heart



Joseph the great dreamer, what can we learn from him? So many things…

Joseph had great faith in God and he knew that if God showed him something, it would happen. He had learned to recognize when God spoke to him. In his case, it was often through dreams. Not only did God give him dreams for his own life, but he also gave him the hability to explain the dreams of others and in this way tell them what God wanted to let them know.

Do you know how to hear God’s voice? Do you know when God wants to talk to you? God the Father wants to talk to us, but the problem is that too often one is not attentive to his voice or simply we do not know how to recognize it. One of the ways God the father wants to talk to you is by giving you dreams in the night. When you remember your dream when you wake up, tell mom or dad and ask them if they think God wanted to talk to you. He may want to talk to you through a dream.




“Father, help me hear your voice, help me recognize it. I want to talk to you and I want to hear your voice. Amen.”


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