The Heart Of The Father


Lucifer’s primary mission is to move us away from the Father’s heart and lead us to disobey him. That’s what he did in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve. He lied to them and he influenced them to disobey God. So they were driven out of the garden and lost their intimate relationship with the Father.

Lucifer wants to do the same with you: he wants to influence you to do evil and lead you to disobey the Father and move you away from his heart. But you have victory over the enemy. You have everything you need not to be swayed by the enemy. Your relationship with the Father is what will give you the strength to resist the temptations that Lucifer sends you. The thief comes to rob you, but Jesus came to give you life. You have to be careful and spot the traps Lucifer puts in front of you to bring you down.


Application: I’m Bound


  1. You will need several strings and the participation of a child.
  2. Children must name temptations they experience. Each time a child names you a temptation, you wrap a rope around the child who serves as an example. (Lying, disobeying, hurting my friend, stealing their toys, telling them bad words, etc.)
  3. You see, when one does not resist the temptations of the enemy, one is bound and unable to accomplish things for God.
  4. How do you get rid of your bonds? Simply by asking God’s forgiveness.
  5. Unbound the child with the help of the children.
  6. When the enemy comes to you with his temptations, refuse! Ex: When he tempts you to lie, tell him NO! I won’t lie and I’m going to choose to tell the truth.