The Heart Of The Father



Mary had quite an experience. Imagine for a moment that an angel appears to you in your room and announces that you will become the mother or father of the son of God, Jesus. How would you react? “Me the mother of the son of God? Well no it’s impossible! Mr. Angel, are you sure you have the right address?” Mary did not act like that. She accepted the mission that God entrusted to her, that of carrying her son in her and raising him. She said to the angel, “Let God’s will be done.” (Luke 1:37-38) It was a mission that might seem impossible to accomplish, yet Mary did it.

The Father may also entrust you with a mission that, in your eyes, seems impossible to do. But when you put all your trust in him, you get to do bigger things than you could have imagined. The impossible becomes possible, how? Simply by putting our faith in him and letting the Father act and do his work in us.




Are there any missions that you refused because you felt unable to do so? For example, going to talk to someone about Jesus and at the last minute you felt unable. Help your parents do something in the house?




“Father, I’m making myself available for you to use me. If you want to give me a special mission, I’m willing to accept it. I want to do your will in my life and follow you. Amen.”


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