Father’s Heart


Melchizedek, the man with a big heart. He is an example of generosity for us. He was a generous man who loved to bless others.

He reflected the Father’s heart so well. The Father is like that with us: he is generous and he likes to bless us in all kinds of ways.




“Father, we thank you for the life you give us every day, we want to be grateful sons and daughters for all that you give us. Thank you for loving us the way you do and blessing us every day. Amen.”




How do you think the Father blesses you?

Give children the opportunity to reflect on the Father’s blessings.

He blesses us with the breath of life every day, beautiful nature, our families, school that allows us to learn many things, food, our houses, our toys, etc.

These times of discussion are a good way to have a heart to heart with children and they are important to create a good relationship with the children in our classes.


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