The Heart Of The Father



 Nehemiah had a great ability to build things. Nehemiah saw a need and decided to work hard to meet this need. It was with his heart filled with love for his people in Jerusalem that he decided to set out on this adventure to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem. It wasn’t an easy job. He had to work hard, he had to overcome several obstacles to succeed; however, he believed in his project, worked on it and succeeded. Let’s imagine for a moment that along the way Nehemiah decided to give up. “It’s too difficult, I won’t make it, I give up.” The reconstruction of the walls of Jerusalem would never have taken place.

Imagine Jesus when he walked on earth. “I don’t want to die on the cross, I know it’s my Father’s plan to free his children from sin, but I don’t like it, I give up.” What would have become of us? What if God had also given up at the time of creation? “I have a beautiful project, but it’s too long, what if there is no land, but just water.” What would have become of us? We would never have been created.

We can be grateful this morning that there were people before us who did not give up and who persevered in their work in order to see their plan and dream fulfilled. What do you do? Do you give up easily when it’s difficult or do you work hard to see your plan and dreams come true? When you try to build something with your toys and it’s hard, do you give up or do you continue until you succeed? When you try to tie your shoelaces, do you give up or continue until you succeed? When you try to tie your coat, do you give up or do you try hard to succeed? It’s not always easy, but it’s worth the effort.




“Father, thank you because you are not a God who gives up, thank you because you are persevering. Thank you for the example of perseverance you give me through the people of the Bible. I need your help to also become persevering so that I can work hard, not give up my projects, but rather continue until they are done. Thank you because I know you will help me. Amen.”


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