Father’s Heart


Noah is an example of faith and trust in God for all of us. God asked Noah to build a boat, a huge boat, a very, very large boat, big enough to put a lot of animals in. Noah took several years to build it. Why do you think Noah didn’t give up along the way? There may be several reasons, but one of the reasons is that Noah knew his God and knew that God always honored his promises. When Noah entered the boat with the animals and his family, the rain began to fall on the earth and for 40 days it no longer stopped. That’s a long time, 40 days on a boat with animals and water all around you! But Noah trusted God and knew that his God was honoring his promises and that one day the rain would stop and that they could all get out of the boat. God promised Noah things and he did them.

The promises that the Father makes to you, he will fulfill them too. Even if it takes time, you must have faith, hope and trust in God. You may be in a difficult situation right now and you’re thinking, “It’s never going to get better.” Always remember that the Father is a perfect father and that he is not a man to lie. He always honors his promises.


Application: Puzzle


  1. Print an image of Noah’s Ark
  2. Cut into a puzzle
  3. Put the puzzle together


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