One Bible, Two Books




  • A Bible for children
  • Two children’s books


  1. Present a children’s Bible and two children’s books.
  2. Ask: “Which of these books is a Bible?”
  3. Designate a child to show the Bible.
  4. Have him hold the Bible while you recite and mime the rhyme.
  5. Encourage the rest of the children to join you.


Nursery Rhyme

  • I learn from the Bible every day

(Join hands by the sides, palms facing upwards.)

  • On obedience, prayer, love

(nod your head, join hands as if to pray, cross your arms on your chest.)

  • I’m learning that God takes care of me

(Point to the sky, then to you.)

  • I’m learning what he wants me to be.

(Point to the sky and then to you.)

  • I love what the Bible teaches me


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