Rebekah Gives Water To Abraham’s Servant



  • 2 large bowls filled with water
  • 2 large empty bowls
  • 2 small plastic cups


  1. Place two large bowls filled with water on a table at one end of the room.
  2. Place the other two empty bowls on a table at the other end of the room.
  3. Divide the children into two teams.
  4. Place them in a line behind the table on which the two empty bowls are placed.
  5. Give the small plastic cups to the two children at the beginning of the line.
  6. At your signal, ask the children to run to the table where the bowls filled with water are placed. Tell them to fill their cup and bring it back to their base as soon as possible to pour it into the empty bowl.
  7. Then they have to give the cup to the next child.
  8. The first team to have finished emptying the bowl of water wins.
  9. Make the connection with the story of the day: Rebekah gave water to Abraham’s servant and his flock.