Nazarene Mobile


Samson - Manoah (Judges 13) Make 3



  • Mobile template (pdfattachment)
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Paper clips
  • String
  • Coloured pencils


  1. Print the template of the mobile on paper or cardboard. If you only have paper, consider applying it to a thicker piece of cardboard, if the cardboard is decorative, it would even be better.
    Samson - Manoah (Judges 13) Make 3
  2. Distribute 1 template to each child, then ask them to colour and cut it.
  3. Ask the children to make a hole in the top of each circle using the punch. Also ask them to make 1 hole in the center of each bottom curve. So there will be 6 holes on the curves. Some children will need help.
    Samson - Manoah (Judges 13) Make 3
  4. Then ask the children to pass the string or paper clips through the holes in order to hang the circles. The clips really have to be of different lengths for the circles to be well suspended.
    Samson - Manoah (Judges 13) Make 3
    Samson - Manoah (Judges 13) Make 3
  5. Finally, ask the children to close the banner with a glue dot and pass the paper clips through each hole.
    Samson - Manoah (Judges 13) Make 3
  6. Hang the children’s creations and enjoy them by reading Samson’s story. Remind them of the Nazarene promise that Samson had made.
    Samson - Manoah (Judges 13) Make 3


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