The Heart Of The Father



As human beings, there are many voices that influence us, tell us who we are and how we should live (friends in school or daycare, television, video games, etc.). All these voices can be good, but they can also be not so good. Maybe because of the friends around you, the TV, you don’t find yourself good, not beautiful, not nice enough… It’s easy to be influenced by these voices. We want to have friends, we want to be “cool” so we listen to the world around us and act according to what others say about us. But there is only one voice that we must listen to and that is the voice of God the Father. He’s the one who created you, so he knows you better than your own parents. He has a wonderful plan for your life and if you listen to others around you and not his voice, you can miss that plan. The Father loves you like crazy and just thinks of beautiful things about you. He wants to talk to you and tell you how much he loves you, how he thinks you are good, smart, kind, etc.


Exercise: Hearing The Father’s Voice (Habakuk 2:1-2)


We’re going to do a little exercise together. We will listen to what the Father wants to tell us!

Here are 4 keys to help us hear His voice.

1. Calm down in the presence of God

“I was at my post and I was standing on the tower.”

Habakuk was ready to hear God’s voice. Like Habakuk, you too must prepare to hear God’s voice. Put on some soft music and think of God.

2. Be attentive to visions when you pray

“I was watching to see what the Lord would say to me.”

Imagine you’re sitting on a swing in the park and Jesus is sitting next to you. What’s he saying to you? You can ask him a specific question like “What do you think of me?” or “How do you see me?”

3. Connect yourself with God

“The Lord spoke to me.”

God’s thoughts are like a river, they never stop flowing. You can see pictures, small movies or even you can hear sentences in your head. Let it all come to your mind. If it’s positive (good), it’s certainly God talking to you!

4. Write down what you see and hear

“Write the prophecy: engrave it on tablets so that it can be read fluently.”

It is important to write or draw what God tells us so as not to forget. When you are in a difficult situation, you can go and reread what God has told you and it can help you feel good.


A good way to start this exercise is to ask the children to ask God: “Father, how do you see me?”

Give children time to write or draw what they receive and give them the opportunity to share what they have received.


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