Listening Game



  • Plastic eggs
  • Egg carton
  • 6 pairs of sound objects (bells, beads, small soft chicks, buttons, hard plastic animals, erasers, etc.)


  1. Before class, place the sound objects in the eggs. Be sure to choose six different pairs of sounds for each pair of eggs.
  2. Place the eggs in the egg carton.
  3. Ask the children to take an egg, stir it to listen to the sound it makes.
  4. Then ask another child to choose another egg to do the same.
  5. Repeat until the children have heard all the eggs.
  6. Then ask the children to pair the eggs that make the same sounds.
  7. Make the connection with the story you’ll be telling. In the Bible, Samuel had to listen to hear God’s voice.


  • You can use a standard egg carton of 12 eggs or more.
  • You can also try putting small rocks (pebbles) or sand. Simply put tape on the small hole if the material comes out.


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