“Ancient” Scrolls


  • Rectangular strips of paper (tan, brown or kraft paper is very nice, but it is not mandatory)
  • Brown paint
  • Wiping cloth
  • Brown colored pencil
  • Two sticks (popsicle sticks, small wooden sticks, pencils, etc.)
  • Tape or glue
  • Pencils



  1. Tell the children to write a text or a message on the parchment (paper). It is possible to prepare the parchment (paper) before writing the message
  2. Ask the children to crumple the paper into a ball. Then tell them to smooth it out. They should repeat the process several times until the paper is soft and looks old and worn.
  3. Tell the children to gently rub the paper using a brown crayon. The color will be uneven and will bring out the “wrinkles” in the paper better.
  4. You can also tell children to use a small amount of paint on a cloth by rubbing the cloth over the paper so that the creases come out and the paper looks old.
  5. Tell the children to secure the wooden sticks at each end using glue or tape.
  6. Finally, have the children close the roll by simply rolling up the ends.


  • Tie the parchment with twine or ribbon if desired.
  • You can also use black tea to create an aged effect, but the paper must dry out before use.