The Heart of the Father


Dorcas was known as a woman who did good works, she loved helping people in need. She is a great example to follow.

Is it always easy to help people around us? No !

Sometimes it is even difficult because:

  • We don’t want to
  • It takes effort
  • It requires doing things that we don’t like to do.

It is in these moments that we need the help of the Father. Here is a little advice you can follow in these times.

When someone asks you for help and you don’t feel like it, ask yourself these questions.

  • What would the Father do in my place?
  • Would He help them or not?

Do not forget that the Father has a heart of love and compassion and that He wants His children on earth to be a reflection of His heart.

Dorcas understood this and she left us a beautiful model of love and compassion to follow. Imagine if all people on earth lived like this if all people on earth sought every day to do good around them! Wouldn’t we live in a better world?

How about we all start changing the world now! Simply doing good works around us.




“Father, help me to follow Dorcas’ example. Help me to sow good around me and by helping people. I want to carry Your heart within me and be known as a person who does good around her. Thanks for your love. amen »




  1. Each week, make a decision to do good by helping someone.
  2. Serving people brings a lot of joy and happiness in their hearts and in ours. Even the little things like opening the door for someone in a store are about being of service and about loving people.
  3. Make a list with the children of things they can do in everyday life to help someone.
  4. Happiness is contagious, when we make someone happy, it also makes us happy.


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