The Heart of the Father


Hannah, before the birth of her son, wanted to have a child for several years. But, without result, because of that she carried in her great suffering. During her visit to Silo, Hannah was once again exposed to the fact that she had no children. She exposed her situation before God and she wept before Him, before her Father in heaven. And this time she had an answer to her prayer.

  • How do you react to difficult situations in your life?
  • Do you cry in front of Him?

You must never forget that there is no problem that is too big for Him.

It happens that, like Hannah, it takes time for the Father to answer our prayers and sometimes He does not intervene as we would have liked. Sometimes it happens that the situation does not change, but He gives us His STRENGTH to get through the ordeal we are going through.

It is important that you learn to pour out your heart before Him and that you talk to Him about what you are going through.

You may be experiencing bullying, a difficult situation in your family, with your friends… don’t forget that at any time you can cry in front of the Father and He is there to comfort you and to help you. He loves you more than you can imagine.




“Thank you Father because I can always count on You, thank you that You are always there to listen to me and collect my tears and answer my prayers. Help me to trust in You and trust You with my life. »




  1. Ask the children to think of a difficult situation they are currently experiencing.
  2. Encourage them to find a quiet place in the classroom and take time to pour out their hearts before their Heavenly Father just as Hannah did.
  3. During this time, pray for everyone.
  4. Play worship music for this time of prayer.