Learning patience




  • Round “O” shaped cereal
  • 2 bowls



  1. Place the “O”s in a bowl.
  2. Ask the children to put all the “O”s from one bowl to another one by one.
  3. Give them 4 minutes to complete this task.


  • Ok, I need you to try something for me. I’ll give you 4 minutes and I need you to put all the pieces from this bowl into the other bowl one by one. Ok, I look at the clock and your 4 minutes start…..NOW! (The idea is that the child must “constantly” without stopping, “persist” and “continue” at the task to win, and they must be slightly tired).
  • Continue: Good job! You are tired ?! You kept putting them in the bowl to win the game, right? You couldn’t give up, could you? You had to continue!
  • That’s exactly what Hannah did! It gives us a very important rule and/or strategy to win the game of life! Prayer ! Prayer is something we must always do! Never give up ! Even when it gets hard, because it helps us, and it’s an important part of living with Jesus! It’s always good and always useful!

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