Camel in sight




  • Carrots
  • Peas
  • Broccoli
  • Potato wedges (or parsnips)
  • Cous cous
  • Plates



  1. Before class, cut a carrot into a semicircle to create a base of the body connected to a long rectangle as a neck and an oval connected to the neck to make a head.
  2. Finish cutting the carrot by making small triangles for the ears.
  3. Cut the potato wedges into thinner rectangles to form the legs and tail.
  4. Cut more carrots into a triangle to create the camel’s feet.
  5. Also cut the broccoli.
  6. Give each child a plate.
  7. Distribute the carrot pieces and ask the children to arrange them on their plate to form a camel as in the photo.
  8. Distribute the broccoli and tell the children to place them on top of the body to create the bumps.
  9. Distribute the peas and tell them to place one on the head to make the camel’s eye.
  10. Place couscous on the plates near the camel’s feet to create sand for a dessert.
  11. Here ! The children all have a camel on which the queen of Sheba could have traveled.


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